Twofaced No.2 Display Typeface

The original Twofaced typeface was designed 2 years ago and was in need of a clean up and general update.‘Twofaced No. 2’ is the new and improved version of the original ‘Twofaced’ Display typeface. These updates include: redesigning some of the more inconsistent letterforms – which give the typeface a improved look and feel, extended language support and the addition of opentype features which give access to loads of new glyphs and ligatures.
Twofaced No.2 does of course stay true to the original concept; a display typeface with two very different and distinct attitudes based on the same underlying structure. Face No.1 is a classic, geometric sans-serif inspired by the the early 1900s modernist typefaces such as Futura. Face No.2 on the other hand (or face) is full of much more aggressive and alternative letterforms giving it a contemporary look and feel.
Twofaced No.2 is a dynamic contemporary display typeface perfect for punchy headlines on posters or bold magazine spreads and striking logo marks.
Designed by Jonathan Martin 2014
 f04f28b9b818747b29775796a7cda6dffc095ea3d2c2072ca9054318b48730d6  92f219aa01ef0216cbcc517db21ccb2427a42696fc99ef56f31f7d38026a066b

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