TypeSWAMP 4 / March Selections


TypeSWAMP is my 365 day journal where I can experiment with digital and hand-written type. My goal is to create something fresh every single day for a whole year. Below are some examples from the month of March.
If you would like to view the whole project click here and follow my tumblr TypeSWAMP.0a73d0c6815e0441d67c99c62bc93c64 0c8111e0b4b7d73ec3cbba2bfa04a24a 9c7699a11a122c601a8b79e5614dca23 516b331c57a031352efc659d87a259f3 6260e5e89b0183becfb141c7acf1eedc 706180924844c7276fb8561d0001c29d f9fc4ce9377a2c247e69929c5449a46e f715b2e0c3784585c3feeb145dad4f9f


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